At Home Trust, we believe that all Canadians deserve a home and the opportunity to prosper. 
        So we’re totally changing the way we work with you, to help you bring prosperity to more 
        Canadians than ever before. With service, tools and recognition that are second to none.
Introducing 3 new ways we can help elevate your business
A secure Online Portal that allows you to share documents and keep on top of your deals.
A self-serve Marketing Site that gives you access to customizable collateral.
A performance-based 
Partnership Program that gives you the treatment you deserve.

Loft is a new and secure online portal 
designed just for you. Loft will provide you with an open view to your business and help you save time. 

You can view the real-time status of your applications, quickly check the list of outstanding requirements and easily upload documents right from your tablet, laptop or mobile device. Plus, we've added a messaging tool so you can stay in touch with our team anytime. 

Loft will help you close deals more efficiently so you can focus on building your business.
Concierge is the new self-serve sales and marketing site that gives you instant access to a wide range of customizable collateral. Build your business with access on-demand to a wide range of sales and marketing materials. 

Choose generic materials or customize for a greater impact. Get convenient access 24/7 from your tablet, laptop or mobile device via secure login. 

Save time by printing and downloading materials directly from the site. Get your business name out there, more often, and more efficiently, with Concierge.
Spire is more than a loyalty program. It's a new performance-based partnership program that gives you the treatment you deserve, with different levels of incentives and compensation.

Spire offers a robust compensation package that includes finder's fee, volume and renewal as well as other 

It is entirely based on the volume and quality of deals closed. The more deals you close, the faster you move up.
Talk to your Business Development Manager for more information.
Launched April 1st, 2016